LETTERS: Safety should matter here, too

Letter-writers address smart meters.

An open letter to Surrey-White Rock MLA Gordon Hogg:

As you are my MLA, I wanted to bring your attention to some of the smart-grid business-model issues, which I believe were not much or at all communicated.

As you may or may not know, every smart meter technically is a data-transmission relaying node of BC Hydro’s wireless microwave mesh system. It re-transmits the data from neighbouring devices – other smart meters.

Here is the key point: a smart meter is installed on the owner’s premises, yet as smart-meter proxies the transmission of the data which the owner has nothing to do with, it means that BC Hydro is doing its commercial activity; non-related to the owner’s meter readings, gathering and re-transmitting the data not related to the owner’s electrical consumption.

It looks like an obvious violation of legal business practice – mandating the installation of a device for non-related-to-owner business,with no disclosure of the smart meter full spectrum of functionality; no request and negotiation for locating the smart meter as a device doing more than homeowner electrical consumption reading.

It is not just conflict of interest, but rather, a violation of homeowners’ property rights.

Michael Volasnky, Surrey

• • •


Saskatchewan is removing all 105,000 smart meters and re- installing the older meters for public safety.

That province had at least eight smart-meter fires, but B.C. Energy Minister Bill Bennett says he’s unaware of any problems here.

A Mission woman’s house burnt down due to smart meter installation; smart-meter fires also hit the news in Coquitlam, Sparwood, Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Port Hardy and Vernon.

Our fire commissioner has no code for such fires, so it’s hard to ascertain the number in BC.

Saskatchewan Energy Minister Bill Boyd said that any time families are at risk, actions have to be taken.

Our government response, as with any smart-meter health and safety issue, is willful ignorance and a cheerful spin.

Don’t we in B.C. deserve the same level of public safety as Saskatchewan residents?

A. Churchill, Surrey