LETTERS: Safety steps soon, please

LETTERS: Safety steps soon, please


There was another serious accident this morning, Oct. 3, on Highway 15 (176 Street) at 40 Avenue – I hope no one was seriously injured.

I pray that the city of Surrey will take action and at the very least, ban left turns from 40 Avenue eastbound and westbound on to 176 Street in the interim. This will give the City of Surrey engineering department time to assess what is required to make this dangerous intersection safe.

What makes matters even more dangerous is that when travelling southbound on 184 Street from 56 Avenue and very likely northbound on 168 Street from 32 Avenue, Google maps navigation will actually provide 40 Avenue with the very dangerous left turn onto 176 southbound as a route.

Imagine someone who is not local and does not know the ins and outs of Surrey/Cloverdale driving that for the first time.

City of Surrey: Again – please take swift action to make this intersection safer, this is the third accident I am aware of including the one where there was loss of life.

Carl Katz, South Surrey