LETTERS: Seaside character lacking in ‘City by the Sea’

LETTERS: Seaside character lacking in ‘City by the Sea’


As the tall buildings continue to proliferate in White Rock and “cheese-grater” fences pop up by the waterfront, it is getting harder and harder to get a proper view of the ocean.

I suggest that the White Rock branding should be modified from “City by the Sea” to “City by the Sea you can’t See.”

Where is the seaside flavour of this community? It is certainly not reflected in its architecture, nor is it a theme in city parks, business names, common spaces or street signs.

Seaside imagery such as boats, anchors and marine life seem to be conspicuously absent, thereby making the designation of “City by the Sea” a bit unwarranted, in my opinion. It denotes a geographic reality only.

There was an opportunity to make the new sidewalks reflect this image (the choice of benches, printing motifs in the cement, lamp posts) but no one on councils, past or present, seems concerned with the esthetics of the city.

Many lessons could have been learned from seaside cities, small and large, around the world, that boast “character.”

That is something this city, unfortunately, does not have at present.

Maybe something to work on.

Lynda Hornby, White Rock