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LETTERS: Seeking Good Samaritans who helped mother after painful fall



My brothers and I are looking for the Good Samaritans who helped our elderly mother on Thursday, Feb. 23, after a nasty fall.

Around 4:30 p.m., at 152 Street and 17 Avenue, two ladies found our mother injured on the sidewalk and called 911. When no ambulance arrived, they drove her to Peace Arch ER.

Our mother has multiple fractures to her wrists and face, but is already on the mend, thanks to these angels.

We’d like to ask these people to come forward so we might thank them in person, or to at least thank them publicly for helping our dear Mum.

Kathy Simpkins, Surrey

Editor’s note: the Samaritans waited only 15 minutes for the ambulance, but decided to transport Simpkins’ mother to the hospital themselves because of the cold temperature that afternoon.