LETTERS: Share message of masks with ‘Covidiots,’ please

LETTERS: Share message of masks with ‘Covidiots,’ please


This is to all the ‘Covidiots’ who refuse to wear a mask or distance themselves from others.

I wear a mask to protect myself from contracting COVID-19, and to protect you from getting it from me in the event that I somehow contract it. And how are you returning the favour?

You’re partying on crowded party buses, partying in packed bars, clubs and homes, and partying on congested beaches — no masks and shoulder-to-shoulder — all but guaranteeing that you catch and spread the coronavirus.

If you are a responsible, mature adult, please pass this along to a ‘Covidiot,’ as they probably don’t read newspapers, listen to the radio news, or watch the TV news.

Jerry Steinberg, Surrey

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