LETTERS: Slap on a few decals, save Surrey taxpayers $200 million


An open letter to Mayor Doug McCallum

Mayor McCallum, you indicated you have a great respect for the RCMP.

My suggestion for you is to keep existing police officers and just put decals on all their cars and call them Surrey Police.

You will save Surrey taxpayers close to $200 million. Wow.

You get your police force for your last two years as mayor before you retire or run for mayor again.

The $200 million saved can:

1. Hire 50 more Surrey Police officers (RCMP);

2. Buy high-tech computers for police;

3. Buy four new helicopters to catch criminals;

4. Buy Holy Cross Church in Crescent Beach for $3 million and call it McCallum Hall – perfect as a homeless shelter, church and wedding chapel.

Have a Happy Christmas and a healthy 2021.

N.C. Beck, South Surrey

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