LETTERS: Special delivery

LETTERS: Special delivery

Editor: I’d like to thank the Canada Post drivers who’ve delivered to my door for the past 25 years.


I’d like to thank the Canada Post drivers who have delivered my mail to my door here in Surrey for the past 25 years.

Not only did they bring mail to my doorstep, if I had a stamped addressed envelope in the box, a bill, a letter or a birthday card perhaps, they would pick it up and take it, too. Always a smile and a wave.

As a member of several local groups in my retirement, I wrote minutes and sent out notices and newsletters. I asked if I could put out a box of mail destined for the memberships of these groups and was told of course I could. I bought my stamps by the hundred and every few weeks put a boxful of mail on the step with a note of thanks for the service. Boxes were simply put into the van and taken to the depot.

A couple of weeks back, a new mailman was assigned to the route. He took one look at my box of 110 newsletters and told me he would take it this once – but never again – as it was against policy. Within a couple of days, he had a substitute driver and I went out to ask her about this ‘policy.’ She said she had never heard anything.

I found a phone number for Canada Post on the website and called. An agent told me there was no policy he knew of that forbade drivers from picking up mail – unless I was a business, and that was different.

I guess I have been extremely fortunate all these years to have such generous and kindhearted – and sensible – souls working for Canada Post, who felt they could easily pick up a box from this pensioner’s step.

They made my life much easier. My hat is off to them all.

Sheila Gair, Surrey