LETTERS: Surrey development vote ‘anti-democratic decision’

‘The majority of city council has shown their true colours’


Re: Council gives 6-3 nod to development proposal, Sept. 23

The majority of city council has shown their true colours – they don’t believe in neighbourhood democracy.

As a resident alongside this proposal, I and virtually all residents in this neighbourhood voted down this proposal and we even submitted options including one whereby the developer could still maintain 11 larger lots, save mature/beautiful trees, allow for a small park, and still bring them a huge profit.

I can only conclude that politics and money played a key role in the council’s anti-democratic decision.

Couns. Annis, Pettigrew, and Locke voted with the local residents and will be remembered favourably next election. Those opposed to neighbourhood democracy, including the mayor, will also be remembered.

William Howie, Surrey

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