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LETTERS: Surrey taxpayers on the hook for policing fiasco



I, like most Surrey residents, was dismayed to hear about the unprecedented proposed increase in property taxes for the city. Thanks to the police-transition debacle, the taxpayer will be on the hook for the unparalleled associated cost, regardless of which police force gets to stay. I am grateful to both the RCMP and SPS for their service to our community, and wish each police force the very best.

The proposal being voted on is designating 9.5 per cent to cover the cost of this fiasco (thanks, Doug and Brenda).

What has not been addressed, and by extension clarified, is what will happen once the cost associated with the transition has been paid off. Will the City of Surrey be prepared to lower property taxes by 9.5 per cent?

Although I am not necessarily able to pay my share in a lump sum (think assessments common with shared housing such as strata corporations), I believe taxpayers should be given the option to pay for their designated share up front, if they are financially able to do so.

If not, it could be added to their property tax bill. My husband and I would have to do a lot of number crunching to see whether this would be an option for us, but I am also a sceptic and do not trust the current mayor and council to guarantee that the extraordinary increase of 9.5 per cent for policing will be reduced once that particular cost has been paid off.

Jennifer Spoke, Surrey