LETTERS: Surrey’s very own Brexit

LETTERS: Surrey’s very own Brexit


The mayor is both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. He has created Surrey’s very own “Brexit.”

Sad times for Surrey, indeed. We will all be losers in this and our hard-earned money will be paying the city colossal taxes. What a legacy this mayor and councillors are leaving for our children and grandchildren.

What is not discussed is the human cost. Several hundred children of the officers are in local schools.

Uprooting families is a shame. RCMP officers are involved in the community as scout leaders, coaches, etc.

I have two retired RCMP as neighbours. Both worked in White Rock and in Surrey for many years. So when the mayor tells us that they are not locals, it’s false.

This mayor wants his own police force at any cost so he is using the RCMP as his political football. What he should be doing is sitting at the table with the RCMP, discussing problems and working out solutions. Instead he ignores them.

Meanwhile, our hard-earned dollars are being wasted on reports, frivolous advertising, fake cars and uniforms.

This mayor must think that we all have very deep pockets. We cannot afford this man.

Mayor McCallum did not get a mandate to fire the RCMP. He bandied about a few ideas, but most of his vote was for SkyTrain.

He said that he is not getting much push-back from the public regarding the RCMP. That’s not true – he has had many letters and petitions but, alas, all ignored. What we need is a mayor who is responsive to all people and not just a few. It’s the mayor that needs to go. We are not sleeping well with all that is happening in our dear city.

We trust our RCMP and a big thank you for all they do. We will fight to our last breath to keep them.

Maura Ni Domnail, South Surrey