LETTERS: This city would be just right

LETTERS: This city would be just right

Editor: I read letters about White Rock being too small for effective governance with some amusement


I always read the periodic letters about White Rock being too small for effective and affordable governance with some amusement.

There are many communities no bigger than our troubled town that do just fine.

However, if we consider for a moment that this is the case, and that White Rock is too small to be viable in the long term, then I would submit that the normal response of suggesting that we combine – back – with Surrey is far from the best option.

As Goldilocks would say, perhaps: White Rock is indeed too small with an inadequate tax base, but Surrey is much too big already. It is really five towns in one sprawling conglomeration.

If we are going to think about changing, let’s do what she would do and pick some middle ground.

Imagine a city – call it Peninsula City, or some such – that stretched from the water to south and west, to the Nicomekl to the north and 192 Street to the east.

That would be just right.

The population would be about 120,000 and with plenty of room to grow, lots of room and existing light industrial base, and room to move municipal facilities away from critical tourist areas.

Of course, neither Surrey nor White Rock is likely to agree to the creation of Goldilocksville, but this would be a provincial or federal decision process, hopefully with input from us – the people.

Start a movement. Be more imaginative than just reverting to Surrey.

Let’s have our own city.

Geoff Giffin, Surrey