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LETTERS: Time for White Rock to connect to Metro Vancouver water supply

Local water is chalky with a chemical odour, writes Nick Miller
Surrey residents continue to enjoy “clean, safe, clear and healthy drinking water,” according to a city report. White Rock residents are not so lucky, writes Nick Miller, who suggests it’s time for the city to connect to the regional water supply. (File photo: Tom Zytaruk)


I have lived in the White Rock/Ocean Park area since 1993. I moved to a home on the north side of 16 Avenue which is supplied by the City of White Rock utility.

Since the replacement of the water tower at 16 Avenue and 153 Street, the water has become undrinkable, with a chemical odour. This water has a chalky substance that is left when water evaporates in a glass or a buildup of residue in the toilet at water-level.

My concern is that with construction of all of the new highrises in White Rock central, can the water supply sustain this growing demand, especially in the event of another fire like the one at Five Corners?

Fighting that fire depleted the water to the point it had to be routed into White Rock from Surrey.

So my question would be why does White Rock advocate the use of this highly chemical groundwater when there is a clean, natural water supply that tastes fresh with no residue from the Surrey side through the GVRD?

Are there any other people who have noticed this and are they concerned?

Nick Miller, South Surrey

About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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