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LETTERS: Time for White Rock to hook into Surrey water system



Re: ‘Water is undrinkable,’ July 4 letters

I totally agree with Nick Miller. I have lived in White Rock since 1996 and the water here is awful.

When I first moved into the apartment I live in now (Avra, on George Street) the water was so brown it stained all the toilets, sinks, washing machine, etc.

Since they’ve added the chemicals, the brown sludge has gone, but still the water smells awful, and tastes terrible.

I know realtors here that have installed purifying systems, but this isn’t an affordable solution for everyone. Why can’t we hook into Surrey’s water, just a block away? White Rock has wasted way too much money, with no improvement to the water. How can White Rock continue like this?

Lynda Moller, White Rock

About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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