Large 'Caution – Geese Crossing' signs that were recently posted near Southmere Village Park were not authorized nor installed by the City of Surrey, and are to be removed soon. (Nick Greenizan photo)

LETTERS: Time to work on a solution to Canada goose problem in South Surrey

Area parks are drowning in bird excrement


It was interesting reading your article about the invasion force of Canada geese. I have written to the people in charge of parks at the City of Surrey and got the same response – the city does not actively manage wildlife.

Well, they had better come up with a better answer because Alderwood Park and the one on 16th Avenue are drowning in bird excrement.

Two years ago we had two geese come visiting and they had four goslings. The next year they came back (who said you can’t go home again) and had more goslings. This year we have 18 of them, pooping all over the place and totally outstaying their welcome. No one comes and cleans our pathways at Alderwood.

Dog owners are religiously picking up their dog feces while standing in green slime left behind by the geese. The grass is covered and there is no point any more in taking your kids to the park because it has become unsanitary. Wasn’t the park a place where people spend free time and kids play?

Geese are vicious and, take it from a person who was attacked by geese at age 5, not to be trusted with small children.

It is no longer a question of “continuing to review options.” It is time to cull them. The City should get in touch with provincial and federal jurisdiction and start working on a solution to the problem now.

Edie Williams, Surrey

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