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LETTERS: Timeline needed on completion of new King George Boulevard bridge over Nicomekl



An updated timeline would be appreciated for the Bailey Bridge replacement. There was an article with a very vague timeline earlier, that had no accountability in it.

That said, I believe there is an interim solution for the traffic going north from Crescent Road to Highway 99.

There is currently only one lane of traffic allowed from Crescent Road to the lights at Highway 99.

I propose that the gravel area that is never used actually be paved now, so the bottleneck distance will stop at the bridge, not the lights.

There is a lot of space there (two lanes instead of one) for many cars, and the backup along Crescent Road (easily to the Esso) as well as the wait times can be reduced.

I feel for all of the residents waiting in this lineup every day. It would be easier to tolerate if we all knew the timeline when we can expect this to return to some form of normalcy.

Perry Aasman, Surrey

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