LETTERS: Ups and downs of gas savings


While walking to Semiahmoo Shopping Centre on 16 Avenue, I arrived at the intersection at Martin Street.


I got my Fortis bill for November.

What a thrill to see the carbon tax has been lowered to 76 per cent.

That’s right folks, 76 per cent, plus we pay five per cent GST on this tax – and I don’t see where this tax is either a goods or service.

This tax has been lowered from 130.7 per cent. Yes, 130.7 per cent.

However, in the same bill I see they have raised the cost of gas by 79 per cent.

I wonder if it is the intention of our provincial government to charge carbon tax on the LNG gas we will probably be exporting/giving away.

An inquiry to the carbon tax folks says the tax is revenue neutral. However, in the next breath they say it actually costs the government to collect this tax.

Now, how stupid is that? Only a politician would be dumb enough to pay more than they collect.

And last spring, when Fortis included a glossy mailing with the bill, they proudly stated the cost of gas had been lowered by five per cent. What they neglected to tell us was that they had raised the delivery charge by 12 per cent.

I think it is time for an investigation into Fortis and the provincial carbon-tax grab.

In a recent ad by Premier Christy Clark, she states the government is committed to keeping taxes low so citizens will have more money in their pockets to spend.

Does she think we are that stupid?

Pat Dayman, Surrey