LETTERS: We are better than this, B.C.

LETTERS: We are better than this, B.C.


Why are there violent and racially motivated attacks against people of Asian background? People of British Columbia, we are better than this. These attacks are extremely cowardly and this kind of hate has no place in B.C.

Our government needs to send a stronger message that this is not acceptable. We have a large community of Asian people in this province. They are good, hard-working people and they belong here just as much as everyone else.

Remember when the pandemic first started and we all believed that wearing face masks wasn’t necessary?

While many of us underestimated the seriousness of the pandemic, which community of people tried to patiently explain to us how wearing face masks was absolutely necessary?

More than any other community, they have helped stop the spread of COVID-19. We need to be extending extreme thanks and gratitude to them. It was their knowledge that helped us. People wear something to cover their mouth and nose to protect everyone else, not themselves. This is the concept that we need to learn.

I worked with the public and in the beginning of the pandemic, I, like many people, underestimated the deadly seriousness of the situation.

I have co-workers, of Asian ethnicity, who I consider to be precious friends. From the beginning, they explained to me how important it was to wear a face mask or cloth to cover my mouth and nose.

At first I didn’t listen, but now I realize how truly wise they are. By wearing face masks, and guiding us, they have created barriers to prevent the spread of the virus.

I realize that wearing a face mask is inconvenient and somewhat uncomfortable. But I have noticed people of Asian background, wearing them 100 per cent of the time, with no complaint. Let us show them the same respect they show us.

Colin Fletcher, White Rock

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