Letters: Weary of the politics

Letters: Weary of the politics

Editor: Re: ‘I feel badly the mayor felt left out,’ Nov. 24.


Re: ‘I feel badly the mayor felt left out,’ Nov. 24.

As a longtime White Rock resident, I find myself deeply disappointed by the petty antics of our out-of-touch, overly sensitive mayor and the immature members of city council.

The statements in Friday’s edition of the Peace Arch News regarding Justin Trudeau’s recent visit (Trudeau mania, Scheer enthusiasm, Nov. 17) reveal, once again, that there is no issue too small or insignificant to launch a flurry of juvenile insults and backstabbing.

Mayor Wayne Baldwin whines that he wasn’t notified about the visit. Coun. David Chesney taunts him for it. Coun. Grant Meyer makes snide insinuations about Chesney posing for a photo with Trudeau.

It all amounted to a pathetic display of fragile egos and misplaced priorities.

I’d say this behaviour was beneath them, but they’ve engaged in this sort of foolishness many times before.

It’s well-past time for these supposed adults to remember that they represent not just themselves, but our entire community.

Time to grow up and focus on the job of improving White Rock and not your pathetic personal agendas.

Sandy McDougall, White Rock

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I’m just now looking at the front page of Peace Arch News’ Nov. 24 edition, where one story is about a young man, Zsombor Toth, recovering from a motorcycle crash (Son injured in Thailand ‘knows who I am now’), and right beside it Mayor Wayne Baldwin has his nose out of joint because he wasn’t informed about the prime minister’s visit (‘I feel badly the mayor felt left out’).


Mr. Toth, a year later, is still severely injured and his mother is grateful that he recognizes who she is.

Mayor Baldwin, you should be ashamed of yourself. There is so much heartache and tragedy in the world, and in our own community right now, and you are so self-involved as to be in the paper about your ego being injured.

Be grateful for what you have, mayor.

Eileen Moylan, White Rock