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LETTERS: White Rock condo, townhouse owners abandoned by council on garbage/recycling collection



Re: Multi-family, commerical waste collection to remain private, Jan. 19

When asked about the cost of privatization of solid waste collection, Chief Administrative Officer Guillermo Ferrero said that it was very difficult to estimate.

Rather than delaying a decision and asking White Rock staff to see if they could get more information in order to make an informed decision, the “’let’s get it done’ type of council,” as it is described by Coun. Bill Lawrence, (White Rock must make the most of opportunities, also in the Jan. 19 edition) voted unanimously to stop the move to privatization of garbage collection.

Once again, they are abandoning the thousands of townhouse and condo owners in White Rock, leaving them on their own to negotiate individual contracts for collection.

It is no wonder the city is inundated with garbage and recycling trucks. Perhaps council should focus less on getting it done, and more on getting it right?

Chris Sauder, White Rock

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