LETTERS: White Rock council got it right on waste removal

Too many collection trucks creating noise and pollution, writes Paul Griffin


My friends and family will attest, I am definitely no socialist. But I believe certain essential services should never be left to private, profit-oriented businesses. Police, fire, water, sewage and waste collection are essential services best delivered by government.

Five years after our previous city council took the hair-brained decision behind closed doors to wipe out municipal waste collection for commercial and multiple family buildings, I’m still bewildered.

What were they thinking? Our little neighbourhood of condo buildings on Blackwood Lane are serviced by at least five different garbage collection contractors. They each rumble through the lane three times a week to collect organics, recycling and garbage.

The roar of their diesel engines spew fumes while back-up alarms sound amidst the whining of massive hydraulic forklifts and compactors.

Our current city council isn’t perfect, but they’ve got this one right. They deserve congratulations for getting rid of this stinking, noisy, polluting plague on our community.

Paul Griffin, White Rock

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