LETTERS: Writer has long thought there was more to tragic rail death story

LETTERS: Writer has long thought there was more to tragic rail death story


I was saddened to read the report of the coroner into the tragic death of Jack Stroud on July 4, 2018 on the BNSF tracks near Crescent Beach.

Young Mr. Stroud lost his life in a needless game of chicken, however, I’ve long thought there may be more to the story of that night.

My family and I were in Peace Arch Park that evening over two years ago, waiting for the fireworks display to start in Blaine. There were well over 1,000 people in the park – and dozens, if not hundreds, more along the beach. In order to access the beach, you have to cross the BNSF tracks.

About 20 minutes before the fireworks were to start as it was getting dark, an Amtrak passenger train came flying up the tracks heading north into Canada.

I was shocked to see a train roaring across the border, horn blasting, with the park and the beach fully packed with people. I don’t think it slowed down in the least. I can only imagine that more than a few people had to quickly get out of the way of that train.

Later that night I heard the news of the death of a teenager near Crescent Beach. My first thought was, “I bet it was that speeding train.”

Nothing in the coroner’s report mentioned the speed of the train at impact. However, since that night I have been greatly bothered by how fast that train was moving through a packed corridor of people. If that train was moving at the same speed going around the tight corners near Crescent Beach, then I can’t help but wonder if young Mr. Stroud wasn’t the only one playing a dangerous game that night.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to the Stroud family for your needless tragic loss.

I am of the opinion it wasn’t all Jack’s fault.

Don Mundy, Surrey

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