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LETTERS: Yes, save urban trees, but keep them properly maintained.



Whilst I believe that we need to save trees I have many concerns. We live in an area surrounded by city trees.

I am 81 and my husband 87 years old. We are proud owners of our home, but as we get older maintaining it is difficult. This is especially true with the mess the trees leave with us.

We paid nearly $5,000 to enclose our patio after daily cleaning up leaves, branches and needles. Those leaves get into the sewer lines and then the lines back up and we had to pay to repair the damage.

A few days ago I was cleaning up downed branches and placed them on the city-owned boulevard (which we mow) and along comes a city truck and worker. He did not offer to help me, but chastised me for piling up the mess on their boulevard. I just glared at him and he left.

If this city wants to be the city of trees then they need to do a better job of maintaining them.

I have called the city to mow their boulevard, clean their ditch and trim back their trees with no response. Frankly, if they do not get more proactive I am seriously giving thought to start a class action lawsuit.

The purpose would be to have the city either fix their problems or, if we have to hire someone to do it for them, then they pay for that person’s wages.

Christina Eden, South Surrey