LETTERS: Zoning in on construction

LETTERS: Zoning in on construction

White Rock letter writers sound off on development


I realize that with the initial size of White Rock, progress, reparation and rebuilding are inevitable.

Some of these activities require the expenditure of tax monies and other public sacrifices.

Others, I hope, involve some monetary contribution from the developers in the form of fees for permits, zoning waivers and utility upgrades.

That said, my neighbours and I who reside on Thrift Avenue between Oxford and 152 Street have been subjected to noise, traffic disruptions and periodic violations of our on-street parking privileges for the last two years in order to facilitate the construction of new highrise buildings in our neighbourhood.

Now, a new hole is being dug at the Hillcrest corner, continuing the chaos.

I question why we should be paying, in one form or another, for the benefit of a few property developers. And why new construction in one big stroke in one small area.

Was this the product of some rational planning process?

Charles Dubois, White Rock

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Given the rapid approval of multiple highrise projects, perhaps city council should consider a more appropriate descriptive phrase for White Rock on the proposed Gateway sign: “City By The Highrise.”

Michael Weine, White Rock

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Re: Highrise OK’d for Royal Plaza, May 16.

May 16’s PAN reports yet another project – a 26-storey highrise at Royal Plaza.

Almost every major artery is blocked, diverting traffic, jammed up with cones and dump trucks, so that it takes 20 minutes just to get out of the core these days.

How city council, in all its wisdom, could think this many developments, taking place all at the same time, could in anyway be beneficial to White Rock and its citizens. There is no parking – businesses must be suffering, along with people who live in White Rock but need to take cars uptown. How are they to get around and where can they park?

This is a ridiculous situation and we all know it’s going to be going on for the foreseeable future, as these highrises don’t get put up in a matter of months.

Maybe we can hope for a future council that actually cares about White Rock’s livability as opposed to development dollars.

Eileen Moylan, White Rock