Onus is on city to investigate

An open letter to White Rock council.

We live in an area of high seismic risk.

An open letter to White Rock council.

We live in an area of high seismic risk. Epcor’s ‘Total Water Quality Management’ proposal identifies an objective of “sustainability” which, of course, is an imperative. But I’ve not seen reported any discussion of the risk of a seismic event causing a disruption to, or cessation of, the water supply source.

If chlorination is a must – which appears to warrant further discussion/evaluation – sustainability would be best assured by switching to perpetual rain/snow as the source by connecting to the Metro system, which apparently also employs ozone and UV purification stages to minimize chlorination.

Council passed a motion Jan. 14 to investigate the cost and procedure for joining the Metro system, however, Mayor Wayne Baldwin and Coun. Louise Hutchinson voted against. It would be helpful if both would make public statements explaining the reasons why they voted ‘no.’ The motion would appear to be an action of eminent common-sense and prudence.

Epcor’s proposal is understandable. It sustains, enlarges and perpetuates Epcor’s business interests and monopoly, with the capital cost thereof being borne by White Rock taxpayers. Accordingly, it seems to me that Epcor is not in an objective position, nor is it in its interests, to question and verify the justification for the chlorination order – and the basis for the deadline date – or to evaluate connecting to the Metro system or any alternative because Epcor owns the current source.

Proactive performance of these vital responsibilities is surely a fundamental function of the city.

William Bartlett, White Rock