Opposing the opposition


Re: ‘Orange’ crushed as BC Liberals win, May 16.


Re: ‘Orange’ crushed as BC Liberals win, May 16.

So, according to David Eby, the NDP will run a very aggressive campaign in whatever riding Premier Christy Clark runs in a byelection.

Eby’s only been elected a few days in Clark’s riding, and already he’s speaking for the official Opposition.

The NDP just don’t get it, so I’ll spell it out for them – the people of B.C. do not want you as government!

If that party had any jam, they would allow Clark to run unopposed, acknowledging the will of the people rather than inflicting any more misery on our electors.

Anyway, Clark will win handily in whatever riding she chooses to run, whether it is a “safe” Liberal riding or not.

People would rather go with a winner than a whiner.

Don Campbell, Surrey

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The provincial election this time around really baffled me.

The Liberal government remained in power. Premier Christy Clark purportedly led her party to a great victory.

I can’t help but wonder, under the circumstances, why the voters in her constituency didn’t reinstate her in her riding.

A byelection seems necessary in order for the premier to serve.

What an oxymoron this appears to be.

M. Downey, White Rock