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OUR VIEW: Great, there’s a new road menace to worry about

Driver who left path of destruction in his wake given shot of Narcan to bring him back, police say
The Surrey RCMP is investigating its third suspected drug-impaired driving incident this week, following a serious crash in Newton Friday evening (Jan. 29). At least three vehicles were involved in the crash near Highway 10 and 152nd Street on Friday. (Photo: Shane MacKichan)

Are you kidding?

Not only do we have to deal with a pandemic, we have to now be worried about idiots getting high, overdosing and smashing into other cars and people on our busy streets?

They say drug and alcohol addiction is a health issue. But getting high on substances when it’s well known there is a risk of these containing things like fentanyl, and then choosing to get behind a wheel, is not a health issue.

Nor is it one for the Motor Vehicle Act.

Rather, it is a criminal issue and anybody found guilty of such spectacular negligence should be locked up for a very, very long time.

At what point does Canadian society draw the line, and hold people responsible for their actions?

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See the Now-Leader story online, under the headline “Surrey RCMP investigating third suspected drug-impaired driving incident in a week.” The implications are horrifying. One driver who left a path of destruction in his wake actually had to be given a shot of Narcan to bring him back, police reported.

For decades, police and organizations like MADD and Families for Justice have been working extremely hard to fight against drunk driving, and over the years, except for those hard cases out there, people in general have tended to change their attitudes toward getting behind a wheel while under the influence of alcohol – even if they’ve only had a beer, or a single glass of wine.

Suffering from a heart attack, a stroke, a brain aneurysm or diabetic shock while behind a wheel can constitute an unforeseen and tragic health issue. Getting stoned, choosing to get behind a wheel, and then winking out in traffic cannot. It is an abomination.


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