Safety trumps aesthetics

Letter writers target TransLink's priorities.


For years now, the corners of 128 Street at 24 and 20 Avenues have been the bane to drivers turning left.

On both of these intersections, there are both left and right turning lanes. If you are travelling north or south and you need to turn east or west, the lanes are marked with a right-turn arrow and a sign that says “right turn only except buses.”

With this in mind, many drivers ignore the sign and drive around people trying to turn across traffic in front of them. When they go around, of course, there are many collisions or near misses.

I have been nearly missed five times in my car and twice pedaling my bike. Most recently, while turning east on to 20 Avenue, a white pickup truck passing around the traffic almost hit me, followed by a motorcycle that came close.

There was a big look of surprise on the motorcyclist’s face, as the truck blocked his view.

I was going to write this letter sooner, except that the city has been doing a lot of work at these intersections, so I figured they are going to finally correct the problem.

Well it looks like all the work is complete and, yes, it is much prettier with new sections of sidewalk with railings and lawn, but it seems nothing at all was done to make the area safer for drivers. I don’t get it.

Brian Lauder, Surrey