Singling out some riders


Re: Cities eye licensing wheelchair users, Aug. 27.


Re: Cities eye licensing wheelchair users, Aug. 27.

While the majority of motorized-chair users are responsible citizens, there are the very few that have no regard for the safety of their fellow citizens.

Eight years ago, I was able to go on long walks, but no longer can.

The driver of the scooter quickly turned without looking, ran over my right foot, the scooter teetered and she ignored my cries of pain. She just drove off into the sunset, without a care of the damage she inflicted.

If motorized chairs had a license plate and insurance, they could be identified and be held responsible for their actions.

I paid for my orthotics and special shoes, but the citizens of B.C. are still paying for the medical costs.

Bill Cameron, White Rock

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If scooters, wheelchairs and their operators are to be licensed, should not a selection of other mobility vehicles and operators also be licensed?

Small electric/gas two-wheeled scooters, bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, sleighs and toboggans do not require licensing or training. Nor do cats!

Strange that the Town of Sidney should single out the aged and infirm who spend money locally, draw employment and seldom compete for jobs.

Strange that the UBCM should consider an issue like this, in the face of increased municipal costs that grossly outpace inflation.

Being mobility challenged myself – I often use a cane – I find most people are considerate.

Yes, there are some ‘entitled’ persons who will stand in your way, push or cut you off to be first, but surely education is the answer.

Now, about cats. If cats were licensed I might discover where they live and go over and pee in their owner’s flower beds, as their cats do to mine. Now that would be progress.

Don Murray, Surrey



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