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White Rock / South Surrey business credits local support for 50 fabulous years so far!

Getting a small business off the ground is tough—but keeping it going for a long time requires something else again.
What began as a small operation in 1972 has grown and thrived now for 50 years! Hilltop Plumbing & Heating is proud to serve White Rock and South Surrey with honesty and integrity.

Getting a small business off the ground is tough—but keeping it going for a long time requires something else again.

Businesses that stand the test of time are doing things right and know that operating with honesty, integrity, great customer service and dedication to the community is the key to building a business that people trust.

Well-known White Rock / South Surrey business, Hilltop Plumbing & Heating is celebrating a milestone in 2022—50 years of serving the White Rock area with pride and integrity.

It all began back in 1972 when Lynn Kinghorn started Hilltop Plumbing & Heating. What began as a small operation had grown to eight by the time Lynn sold the business to Abe Amrani in 2008. Abe knuckled down, and while he was there, he added two more staff, one of whom was Dustin Lefebvre.

Dustin had grown up in the White Rock area and in 2016, the opportunity to purchase the business where he got his start was too good to pass up as Abe was retiring. Dustin continued to build upon Hilltop’s community-minded reputation established by Abe and Lynn. Over the years, he expanded the business to a staff compliment of 21. Dustin became a well-known figure about town, despite his choosing to never introduce himself as the owner/operator.

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Sadly, Dustin passed away on Feb. 26, 2021, far too early, but he left behind a legacy of community involvement that he had grown over the years. Hilltop’s Senior-management team which has a combined over 80 years of industry experience, led by General Manager Daniel Blouin, Service Managers Brent Barry, Steve Duddy and Dan Grier are continuing to lead and direct the long-standing, well-respected business as it was under Dustin’s leadership, keeping the focus on great service, and community first.

One of the most important parts of Hilltop Plumbing & Heating’s business philosophy is giving back to their local community. It’s something they do with pride and compassion, choosing to support a wide variety of different community groups such as The South Surrey Eagles, The White Rock Whalers, the local Pride Association, Kidsport BC and the Peace Arch Curling Club along with many other events and organizations.

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The team at Hilltop Plumbing & Heating are proud to be part of the White Rock/South Surrey Chamber of Commerce and the White Rock Business Improvement Association. Give them a call at 604-982-9711 today for all your home’s heating and plumbing needs. Email them at or find them on Facebook and Instagram.