LETTERS: Dangerous crossroads

LETTERS: Dangerous crossroads

Editor: Can anything be done to protect seniors and all other walking “sitting ducks?”


Can anything be done to protect seniors and all other pedestrians in White Rock/South Surrey who are walking “sitting ducks?”

About three weeks ago, I was hit by an SUV exiting the McDonald’s on 152 Street; the driver was looking left to turn onto 152nd and, had I not been able to jump back, I could have been seriously injured.

A few days later, I jumped back to avoid a car exiting the Semiahmoo Library; the driver did not slow down – let alone stop and look – as she made a right-hand turn onto 152 Street.

On Friday, as I was crossing on the east side at Martin Drive and 152 Street with the pedestrian walk signal on, a truck turning left screeched on their brakes and missed me by five feet. The driver looked shocked, and I was shaken.

We have had one pedestrian fatality this year, and really it is about time steps were taken to mount a pedestrian-safety campaign. We often blame dark days and rainy weather, but all of my near-misses happened on bright, sunny days.

Distracted drivers in such a hurry that they can’t slow down to avoid pedestrians is an issue that needs to be addressed.

I am hyper-alert to vehicles, but feel it is almost impossible to protect myself from the drivers around me, and I have heard this from many people in the area.

Lynn Moran, Surrey