LETTERS: Oh, to turn back the clock

LETTERS: Oh, to turn back the clock

Open letter to White Rock council. Time to get your head out of clouds, your feet back on ground.

An open letter to White Rock mayor and city councillors.

It’s time to get your head out of the clouds and your feet back on the ground.

White Rock used to be a place where people loved to live or to visit, but it has now changed dramatically.

City council appears to have caught what I will call ‘concrete-itis,’ where higher appears better because it brings in more taxes and more money for them to spend. They seem to have forgotten that with a larger population essential services also increase: police, fire-stations, ambulance service, schools, and hospital beds – not to mention increased traffic frustration and a complete change in citizen contentedness.

How I wish we could turn back the clock and recover what we have lost.

Thank goodness there is a civic election later this year, and I urge everyone to think carefully before they mark their ballot.

Remember, it’s the people who are important – not how many big buildings we have.

Helen Barclay, White Rock