LETTERS: Royally unamused

LETTERS: Royally unamused

Editor: Re: Rocking the boat, Jan. 17 Peninsula Zoomers column.


Re: Rocking the boat, Jan. 17 Peninsula Zoomers column.

After reading April Lewis’ diatribe regarding Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, I am left wondering if Lewis’s piece was an attempt at humour, or does she believe that this drivel is an acceptable article for the 21st century.

At this time of the “me-too” movement, she describes Middleton giving birth as “pumping out babies.”

The use of these words shows no respect for a woman in childbirth.

Lewis follows this up with comments describing Markle as half black and implies there are nude photos of her which may go viral.

These comments ooze with prejudice.

She then slips into gossip mode, critiquing people’s appearance as if she was in a catty coffee circle.

Lewis has hit a new low with her comments in this article.

Ian Routledge, White Rock

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Has the Peace Arch News become a trash magazine?

If this is supposed to be funny, it isn’t, unless tearing other people down makes her feel better about herself.

This is nothing more than keyboard bullying and the writing is nonsense.

I found this article to be filled with hate, racism and jealousy. Glad that probably no youth would even read this paper.

I don’t know how anyone could have proofread this article and thought it was worth printing.

If this isn’t a step you do anymore, perhaps you should. Apparently you do with letters sent to you by the public, as it states, “submissions will be edited for clarity, brevity, legality and taste.”

Just the kind of negativity we don’t need anymore.

Audrey Silver, Surrey