LETTERS: So blessed to live here

LETTERS: So blessed to live here

Editor: Re: Scent of the season, May 26 letters.


Re: Scent of the season, May 26 letters.

In response to Bob Bedford’s comments, I wish to remind everyone how fortunate we are to live in South Surrey and surrounding areas.

We live near an agricultural belt in South Delta that is slowly shrinking in size. The farmers who are fertilizing and working local farmland are doing so to feed us all.

Yes, there is a transient odour over the area in the spring; get over it. What about those “awful greenhouses” that produce luscious peppers and tomatoes. R

emember your complaints as you enjoy the locally grown veggies this summer.

Or, you can opt to support the U.S. and Mexico at the produce stands, and move away from this area.

Our family lives very close to the railway that runs through Crescent Beach and White Rock. Never once have we endured a sleepless night due to the train traffic.

Folks love to complain about this as well in this paper. What about those birds that start singing at 4:30 a.m.?

Again, remember how very lucky we are to enjoy life in our neighbourhoods.We are so very blessed!

Trudy O’Brien, Surrey